Jk tips #1: How to create rectangular scientific extracts.

  • updated 3 mths ago

This first video shows how to create rectangular scientific extracts.

Step 1 : Open a reference with PDF. Choose an article and open it.

Step 2 : Identify a content of interest. Find a piece of knowledge within the text that you want to use.

Step 3 : Click on the Rectangular Highlighter tool. Optionally, choose a color.

Step 4 : Select a picture, table or graph. Good job! You’ve created your extract

Step 5: Classify your extract. Name it and optionally evaluate it.

Now your extract can be added (by yourself or your team) in the document

Step 6 : Add extract in your document. Select the created extract. Drag and drop it into the document

Step 7: Tag your teammates. Share your findings with your whole team!

For more videos, please visit our youtube channel here

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