How to create a research report?

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You can can use a Document to create a centralized research report that can be built-upon throughout your project.

Making use of the Document freeform capabilities, you can add rich-text functionalities alongside your text, such as tables, pre-formatted equations, pictures etc.

One of the key aspects of jinkō being the traceability of the research, you can also drag and drop in the documents key items previously in your project, created such as:

  • Scientific Sources and assertions
  • Virtual Populations
  • Equations from Computational models

research report tutorial

As a way to accelerate collaboration with your team on a project, a research document, like any item in jinkō, will be editable / viewable by your team members, depending on the rights you assign to them.

You can also make use of the comment feed to create a discussion on the document, or a specific part of it.

research report tutorial

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