Use of comments in a document

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See existing comments

Before adding your own comments, it can be useful to see if there are existing ones. To do so, upon opening the document, click on the Discussion bubble in the right-hand side toolbar.

This opens the comments space to visualize existing discussions and allows you to write an overall comment on the document if you wish to do so. Note that the toolbar can be opened or closed by clicking on the "Collapse/Expand sidebar" button at the bottom.

To learn more, the following sections will give you more details on everything you need to know about the comment feature.

Add your own comment

To comment on a specific part of the document, start by highlighting the content you would like to comment on. Then, simply click on the text bubble that appears right above: the Messages panel opens, allowing you type your comment.

Edit a comment

To edit a comment, just hover over your comment and click on the 3-dots button that appears, then click on the Edit action. If you wish to remove your comment, it is very similar: simply select the Delete action instead.

Tag someone in a comment

You can tag someone simply by typing @ followed by the first letters of the person's name. They will then be notified by e-mail with a link to your comment:

Reply to existing comments

To reply to a comment, simply select a comment and type in the box below:

Complete a discussion

All the Messages are visible by clicking on the text bubble button located in the right-hand side panel. This allows you to see all discussions, both the Ongoing ones and the ones marked as Completed.

When a discussion on a particular item is done, simply mark it as Completed by clicking on the corresponding button. Please note that as stated above, you will always be able to retrieve the discussion as needed, by clicking on the Messages bubble in the right hand side panel. You can also re-open discussions as needed.

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