How to create a measure

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Note: this tutorial assumes that you have already uploaded in jinkō a Computational Mode. Should you not have completed this step, you can refer to the following link:

Step 1: Initiate a Measure design

To start creating a measure, you can either:

  • select Measure design from the Create new menu, then select a computational model and folders in which to include the measures.
  • or select Create new when designing a trial in the measure selection box. For more info on this see the create trial tutorial
Via the Create new menu Via the trial


  • select the Computational Model on which outputs you will compute the measures
  • give the Measure design a name and optionally a description
  • finally select in which folder(s) to save it

Step 2: select the model outputs on which you would like the measures to be applied

Move to the right column the desired outputs and validate

Step 3: define the computations you would like to carry

  • Select
    • either a value at a given time point or
    • a time reduction function (the maximum, the minimum, the area under the curve (Auc),... ) over a certain time window
  • Then select a measure type:
    • OnEachArm to compute a quantity of interest per patient and per arm or
    • DifferenceVsControl (resp. RatioVsControl) to compute, as quantity of interest, for each patient, the difference (resp. the ratio) of that measure on each arm vs. the same measure on its control arm.
  • And finally you can add an optional custom label

NB: to learn how to set up different protocol arms and assign them a control arm see the protocol tutorial.

And that's it!

Once you trial is complete you'll be able to visualize those measures in the Scalar Result tab of the trial visualization. See the trial visualization tutorial for that part.

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