What is new in jinkō?

Are you curious to explore the latest additions to jinkō? Let me  shed light on two remarkable features we have recently unveiled on our platform: the new menu and trial monitoring. These enhancements are designed to enrich your user experience and provide you with seamless navigation and improved oversight. I invite you to explore these features on our platform and encourage you to reach out to me with any questions, feedback, or suggestions you may have.

Your input is invaluable as we continue to refine and enhance jinkō for the scientific community.

                                        New Menu

New menu offers a clearer segmentation between the different types of items available in jinkō, with on one hand jinkō knowledge (plus reporting capabilities, thanks to the Document item), and on the other hand jinkō simulations, from the model to trial runs and results visualisations. The new icons used in the menu to facilitate the items identification, are now also displayed in the items listing for better recognition: 

This change is accompanied  by a new grouping of items around the trial item:

  • Once a trial is created, upon clicking the ‘info’ button on the trial card in a list of items, you get an easy access to all related inputs (CM, vpop, protocol and measures) and outputs (results viz) in the right AppPanel

  • These individual items are still available in the list as well

New trial monitoring

We implemented a new look for trial monitoring, providing more details about the patients and providing error reports if any patients’ failures happen. 

           In the Summary tab, you can now see:

  • progress bar and associated time

  • high level warnings box 

  • table of patients by status * arms

  • preview box with an output selector, a patient list and a plot. 

  • button (links): Stop / Resume

    In the Errors tab, you can now see:

  •  a list of patients that failed, per arm

  • upon click, metadata (input, baseline and error message) opens in the app panel

  • download a csv of errors

  • You can get a clear understanding of the potential errors thanks to high level warnings. You can now see the following warning messages when:  

  • More than 25% of patients fail overall (failed / (failed + solved)) Error message: "N% of patients have failed in their solving. Please check the errors tab for mode detail, or check the inputs of your trial."

  • More than 25% of patients in one arm fail.. Error message: "N% of patients in arm arm have failed in their solving. Please check the errors tab for mode detail, or check the inputs of your trial, in particular the protocol arms." 

  • You can find out the reasons displayed along the percentage, arms. When running a trial and getting failed patients, you are able to get the "reason" for failure. On top of that, you can now get the general "measures" on that failure like: percentage of patients that have failed, percentage per arm  and patient ID.

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