Jinkō Release Notes 2023/01/05

Happy New Year! And with this beautiful message, I would like to share with you the latest improvements to our jinkō platform. Try out new features and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, need further assistance in using jinko or any feedback to share.

We are always here to speak with you.

Aga and the whole jinko Team!

A new option has been added to the creation of  Eligibility Criteria. You can now choose between ‘=’ "and " (is not equal) ">" (strictly greater) and "<" (strictly lower)

The ability to come back to a default distribution, for a given descriptor. You cannot yet (but soon) use the Ctrl+Z combination to return to the previous version but you can come back to the original dstribution in the creation of VPOP. This can be done if there is a default distribution defined in the CM.

Possibility to select a specific observation time window.  You are now able to  adapt the observation to a zoomed section in the figure. And by zooming in on an observation window in the survival plot, the test summary table becomes updated!

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