September releases: Use protocols as editable templates, improved model edition capabilities for beta users (become one!) and more

Great news! We're making the trial edition even faster in jinkō. We're introducing linked/unlinked protocols and measures, which makes it easy to reuse protocol arms or measures from a previous trial and disconnect them for use as a new, editable foundation in another trial.

Protocols as editable templates in a trial

When editing a trial in jinkō, you have the option to create new protocol arms in order to apply different scenarios, for instance testing different dosing of a treatment, or of the same dosage of different treatments. 

you also have the option to choose from a list of protocols previously created in other trials:

We just added a new concept of link/ unlinked item: you can now choose to use a previously created protocol as a template and make it editable for your new trial, by unlinking it from the source:

Thus, you now have the option to get a head start by reusing a previous design from your team or yourself, create an editable template from it, and make it your own for the need for your specific trial, without risking impacting the source!

For Beta users of model edition only ->  New: Add tags in your model, and many consolidations

You can now add, edit and remove tags to your model: for now, only a set of specific scoped tags are available:

  • The status key, to assess the status of each component, and ask a colleague for review. 

  • The Input tag key, used for inputs (Species, Compartments, Parameters) in order to specify which type of inputs they are and what they are typically used for: they can be typically used to define the VPop or the Protocol, or just used internally in the model. These tags are used to initialize the Vpop Designs and Protocols. 

More detail on the scoped tags can be found here

Soon available: add any user defined tags to any component of the CM. 

Moreover, model edition by jinkō is still progressing: 

  • New: Baseline checks are now available in CMs: Those can be used to check that for each patient of your Vpop, the initial conditions are relevant. Simply define a condition: it will be evaluated at t=0. If the condition is not met, the patient will fail. 

  • New: Advanced search, with the information kept in the URL for shareability. 

  • Small glitches in dimension checking have been fixed.

  • Condition triggered events that are triggered at t=0 are now supported.

  • Bioreactions: Use standard kinetic laws for the rate instead of typing the whole formula. You can also use multipliers to slightly change the rate, while still using a standard law. 

  • Coming soon: Uploading SBML models with initial concentrations will keep those species in concentration.

Interested in becoming a beta user too ? Contact us at support@jinko.ai !

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