Jinkō Release Notes 2023/02/16

Another month and another Release Notes! Indeed, our Team is working hard to deliver new features and improve the platform to serve us all even better. This month we have the Suggestion Mode launching! We all have been waiting for this. It comes in alpha phrase which is a great start to improve it in the following months. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or/and suggestions. We cannot wait to hear from you. Thanks!

The highlight of today's release

We are very happy to announce the release of the suggestion mode, alpha version, which is now available in jinkō. 


The suggestion mode is an important feature that has been widely requested both internally and externally, which will allow users to suggest text edits to their colleagues in a document. 

  • In regard to the popularity of the request, we fast-tracked its delivery, please note however that this is indeed an alpha version, as such: 
  • The feature allows for the suggestion of a text edit, as well as tagging a teammate via the commenting features (if needed), and for the approval or rejection of a text edit
  • However, at the moment some additional features are not yet ready, for instance the ability to keep an history of the suggestions approved or rejected, which will be coming after.
  • We hope that you enjoy the feature already nonetheless :) and of course please do not hesitate to share your feedback with us!  

Ability to include Categorical Parameters in a Protocol Design. Before, only classic parameters could be edited in a Protocol Design on jinkō. Categorical parameters could only be fixed to a certain value during the serialization. Now, in order to define arms depending on categorical parameters, jinko users have an access to categorical parameters when defining the descriptors in a Protocol Design.

Ability to see and update a trial status, duplicate it, stop or restart a simulation and delete it. All now available from the Project item card. Once you click on them, you are immediately redirected to the trial simulation to perform those actions.

Ability to choose between input descriptors only and all baseline descriptors. Previously, contribution analysis took into account all baseline descriptors, meaning both input parameters / initial conditions, and also all formulaic parameters. Now, in the contribution analysis, jinko users see the contribution of allometrized parameters only and not the "ref" parameters associated. 

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