Jinkō Release Notes 2022/12/01

Entering into December, let me present you our latest Release Notes with the latest features and new improvements to the platform. Here you are and remember that in case of any questions, suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me at aga.mellet@novadiscovery.com. I look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy jinkō.

  •  We have added the ability to sort protocol arms on a given descriptor (Asc and Desc)

  • We improved the reactivity of the document. Whenever you click on the reference number, it will scroll down to the list of references. The order of the references in the document is also correct.

  • We now have a correct process when using protocol. You can change CM and its descriptors even if the protocol is already used in the trial. 

  • We also improved the way we read the trial visualization page. Whenever you click on the descriptor, you are automatically redirected to the correct plot.

  • You can now upload the reference without the pdf, only providing the title which is obligatory.  Additionally, it is worth mentioning that instead of the previously named source we call it a reference

  • When a Reference exists but it has no PDF attached, you can still create Extracts with the dedicated buttons It is possible to attach a PDF to a Reference afterwards.

  • When looking at ’Updated At` time with your trial, Vpop, Measure, Protocol etc you can be reassured it is accurate and up to date.

  •  We now have a correct  process in place: when you delete the CM, the trial doesn't work anymore. Once we restore the CM, the trial works again properly.

  • We have frozen the display of ‘close button’ which is now visible for the Eligibility Criteria. It is not hidden anymore and you can easily find and access it..

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