Jinkō Release Notes 2023/03/03

Let me take this opportunity today to present to you our latest Release Notes with many new improvements to our modeling & simulation modules. Please check them out and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you!

Jinkō knowledge 📖

  1. Ability for the Explorer (jinkō user role) to edit its own protocol. Users with an Explorer role can now edit the protocols they created.                        

Jinkō modeling & simulation 📈 

  1. Addition of a  ‘View results card’, displayed once the trial is complete. When clicking on that card it shows a panel with: the list of linked visualisations, which can be open in separate tabs. 

  2. Ability to display the first selected output descriptors in CM solving options. 

  3. Ability to modify axes titles. Users now have the opportunity to rename axes in the trial visualization

  4. Opportunity to see the group sizes in statistical tests. Users now can see the sample size of the compared groups. This option allows jinkō users to check if the groups are balanced, if the sample size is sufficient, etc.

  5. Opportunity to download only a selected set of descriptors. Users now can choose to download scalar results with not all but some descriptors. Download results should allows the user to select a subset of descriptors 

  6. Ability to change the source CM for a Vpop Design. Currently, users can very simply change the CM used for a  Trial, Protocol and Measure Design ;  now they can also do it in Vpop Design.

  7. Ability to move, display or hide the legend in a trial visualisation. Users can play with the legend in order to get the graph visibility desired.

  8. Ability to handle categorical distributions for vpop generation. So far the users could only modify numeric descriptors when creating vpop design. From now on, they can also modify categorical descriptors.


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